Common mistakes in combining sentences

Combining sentences is a method to help you reduce sentence redundancy, avoid repeated words, shorten the length of the sentence, and make you essay more concise. However, combining sentences is sometimes tricky, and it will affect the meaning of the sentence if you combine incorrectly. When I took a look on your homework about combining … Continue reading Common mistakes in combining sentences


New discover for your Works Cited work!!!!!!

Guess what? I just found another way to indicate indent line of the citations in your Works Cited list yesterday, and it was so cool and simple. Usually, to indent, we have to do many steps manually: entering the second line, pressing Tab button, and modifying other lines if any. Sounds complicated, right? Now, there's … Continue reading New discover for your Works Cited work!!!!!!

Annotating tips

Perhaps some of you are not familiar with annotating. Don't worry! If you practice, you can master it. Annotating is not hard if you get used to it. The purpose of annotating is to understand clearly the authors' ideas in the texts as well as identify the strategies the authors use to express their ideas. … Continue reading Annotating tips

Community Service Time

We're going to have the month of service in 2017 at Grossmont College starting from this Friday, April 7th. I would like to share this information to you so that you can find some events that interest you. I think it will be helpful and memorable to you when you can spend a part of … Continue reading Community Service Time

Citation VS In-text citation

Some of you still have the problem of using incorrect in-text citations, and some of you still don't have any ideas about it. This post will help you distinguish the difference between citations in Works Cited page and in-text citations. Why do we need citations? Usually, your ideas are not originally from you. They might … Continue reading Citation VS In-text citation

How do you feel so far?

We've been through 8 weeks so far. Do you have any feedback about the class or this blog? I would love to hear from all of you. Do you enjoy the class? Is it hard? So so? Easy? Funny? Informative? Helpful? What do you think about this blog? Have you learned anything from it? Can … Continue reading How do you feel so far?

Welcome back!!!

Hello, welcome back to the school. How are you going? ~ How was your vacation? Did you have enjoyable and meaningful memories with your friends or beloved ones? Don't forget to finish your homework before Monday starts. It's college life again 😉 See you later. Enjoy the last minutes of your break 😉 Ammie.

Review Header, Heading, and Title

Unfortunately, some of you still make some mistakes in Header, Heading, and Title, so I create this post to remind some important points that can help you remember every time you type your essay in MLA style. BEFORE you write your essay, please make sure about these parts are completely done. Header On the top … Continue reading Review Header, Heading, and Title

Telling a story

For some reasons, telling a story is not easy for many people. They tend to have nothing about what they want to say, how they construct the story smoothly and why they have to do that. On Wednesday, we'll have an in-class narrative essay that some of you might have not written before. First of … Continue reading Telling a story

Spring break!!!

We're going to have Spring break really soon. Do you plan on doing something or going somewhere on this time? I hope that we can post something interesting about your vacation on this site to share your good time with each other. What do you think about this idea? I'll share about my plan. I'm … Continue reading Spring break!!!