What is this?

This site is created to let ESL students feel comfortable with the class. We not only discuss some problems of assignments or tests, but also share everything happening in Grossmont College that makes you feel interested in. However, study tips and learning strategies are still the focus of this blog.

Why are we here?

Some students are busy with their study schedule, so sometimes they cannot interact effectively with their classmates as well as the professor to get and share information or to find some answers. Thus, this site might be an ideal place to do it. You can share what you feel in the class today, who you want to be a partner with and the reasons why you want that, what makes you annoying around or in the class, what distracts you while learning, or even how you feel about the food at Griffin Center. Everything! So, anytime you want to share something to your ESL friends, remember this site.

How can we do?

Just share, share, and share. A posts about the current weather, a video about how to make a nice name tag, a voice record of your speaking practice, or a picture of your cute Munchkin cat can be uploaded it anytime for everyone in the class can see. There is one thing you need to know is that you have to make sure that everything you post on this site is creditable and helpful for your study, your career, or your life.