Notes for summary-response essay

Regarding the coming summary-response essay, I have some notes to remind you some important information that need to be included in the essay.

1. Summary paragraph

It is just about summarizing, not giving opinion. Therefore, be careful of using some phrases that express your opinion, namely, “I think”, “in my view”, “agree”, “disagree”, “unconvincing”, or “questionable”. In this paragraph, you just summarize the main point of the original article by following the guideline in the purple handout. You can go to Blackboard ( to find some useful expressions for writing a summary paragraph. Remember: NO OPINION in this paragraph.

2. Response paragraphs

Now you can give your opinion about the article you are going to response. You have to restate the idea you have response to, express your point of view towards it (agree or disagree) and give evidence to support your statement.

We already practiced using phrases to express support or oppose towards the article, check it on Blackboard . You need to think of any possible evidence that is strong enough to support your idea. Evidence can be

  • Facts: what people commonly know,
  • Statistics: what are collected by data and must be from a reliable source. You have to cite the source when using statistics.
  • Personal anecdotes: your experience or a story from someone you know
  • Quotations: a famous quotation that mostly everyone knows can be an example to support your idea. Consider using quotation in your paragraph as an example because it can fail your grade when you use quotation improperly.

3. Quotation integration

Make sure that you integrate quotation properly with a transition, a reporting verb and in-text citation. Don’t make the quotation “naked” and be careful of punctuation!





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