Quote integration

Some of you still make a mistake in integrating quotes. The common mistake is that the quote integration is missing transitions and reporting verb; in other words, it’s a “naked” quotation.

Thus, please remember these below notes. They will help you to integrate quotes properly.

  • If you start a quote, start the sentence with a transition because we usually use quote to support or explain some other’s idea; that means using quotation as an example. We have a lot of transitions. Depending the situation or the content of the text, the transitions need to be precise and suitable.

  • You have to integrate the quote in a complete sentence; it means the sentence with the quote must be in subject-verb agreement. Moreover, because a quote is from someone else, not you, a reporting verb must be used to introduce a quotation. Don’t use “said” as a reporting verb because it’s too basic, general, and common. You can use a variety of reporting verbs based on the context; for example, using “argue” for an argumentative quotation, using “illustrate” for an explanatory quotation, using “claim” for a stating quotation about something certain, or using “report” for what happened or something like breaking news.

  • Don’t forget to use in-text citation. The quote is from someone, so we need to cite the source where the quote comes from. If you don’t cite the source, it’s plagiarism.

  • Make sure that you use punctuation correctly.
    • To introduce a quote, you can use colons or commas. Remember, if you use a colon, it must be after a COMPLETE sentence. Never use a colon after a verb. If you use a comma, it must be after the reporting verb and before the quotation.
    • If the quote ends the sentence, make sure that the punctuation is inside the quotation marks. If you have in-text citation, the punctuation is after the in-text citation.
    • If you use “that” after reporting verb and before the quote, then no commas. Remember, NO COMMAS come with “that”.

  • If you paraphrase the quote, you also need to cite the source.

Quote integration is not so hard, but you have to be careful of using verbs and punctuation. I hope these notes can help you to integrate quotations succefully.



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