Review Header, Heading, and Title

Unfortunately, some of you still make some mistakes in Header, Heading, and Title, so I create this post to remind some important points that can help you remember every time you type your essay in MLA style.

BEFORE you write your essay, please make sure about these parts are completely done.


  • On the top right of the page
  • Times New Roman font, 12-point
  • Includes your LAST NAME and PAGE NUMBER (space between)

    For example: Phan 1


  • Your full name (First, Last)
  • Class
  • Due date

    For example:

  • Uyen Phan
  • ESL 119
  • March 22, 2017


  • In the CENTER of the page (click on Center Alignment on Tool bar or press Ctrl+E)
  • Capitalize every IMPORTANT word of the title (prepositions and articles are not important words)

    For example: This Is the Title of My Essay

You can take a look on another review about the checklist before writing an essay on this link:

I hope that day by day you can remember generally. If you need to review, please don’t forget this site.



5 thoughts on “Review Header, Heading, and Title

  1. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate everything that you do for us. It helps me a lot when I am confuse on the small details that I have to ratified.


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