Check list before writing an academic essay in MLA style

Since I have been seeing many of you having the same mistakes in formatting, this is the check list you have to remember to write/type an appropriate academic essay in MLA style. Before you start to write/type your academic essay, please be sure that these following steps are completely done.

1/ Heading

Follow this order: This heading is on the left side, at the top of first page

  • Your full name (First name, Last name)
  • Class (ESL 119)
  • Due date (date, month, year)

double space

2/ Header

Double click at the top of the page to make the header show up

  • Page number (don’t type, use Word tools)
  • Your last name on the left side of page number
  • Make sure that you change the font of the header into Times New Roman, 12-point

Page number.png

3/ Margin

  • Choose “PAGE LAYOUT” –> “Margins” –> “Custom Margins”
  • Modify the default margins from 1″ to 0.7″


4/ Font, size

  • Times New Roman
  • 12-point

5/ Line spacing: Double space

After finishing your essay, please check these steps again to make sure that everything is consistent.

Good luck! 🙂



11 thoughts on “Check list before writing an academic essay in MLA style

  1. Oh my God, so many rules! But I think it is to avoid students to write essays the way they want to and actually follow a template to make it easier for the professor to correct it and to be more clear.
    Thanks again Ammie for the hard work!
    Igor Lascani


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