How to do with Works Cited

Works Cited is not so hard, but it’s quite complicated to remember. Thus, I got some quick reviews about it for you. I hope that will help.

These are some tips you can use for Microsoft Word. I don’t use Pages or Google Doc so I cannot show you clearly how to do with Works Cited on them, but I think they are kind of similar to each other.

  • Works Cited must be in a separate page with the essay. Look at the bar above the document in Word, clink on “PAGE LAYOUT” and choose “Break.”

Page break.PNG

  • “Works Cited” phrase has to be in the CENTER of the page. At “HOME” page, choose the Center Align or press Ctrl+E.


  • The citations under Works Cited must be in Align Left. Press Tab button to indent the second line (if any) of the citation.


  • Make sure that you modify the line spacing to double space (2.0)

double space.png

  • How to copy and paste citations to Word?
    • Copy the citation
    • Paste in Word
    • Check the small clipboard at the end of the sentence, choose “Merge Formatting (M)”Copy paste.png
    • Move the mouse to the beginning of the second line, press Enter, after that press Tab, and continuously do with the next lines (if any)Tab


  1. “Works Cited” with capitalized first letter of each word and the “s” after “Work”
  2. “Works Cited” must be in the center of the page
  3. All citation follow MLA 8th edition style
  4. Go to to make it easier for you to create an appropriate citation. Make sure that you carefully check the information in every field you just fill before creating a citation.


I hope that it will help. Good luck on your essay.



5 thoughts on “How to do with Works Cited

  1. Thank you for taking your time doing this blog and helping us. I really appreciate it. In my opinion this content will be really helpful for me in a near future


  2. Hello Ammie,

    I would like to thank you for the hard work you’ve been doing with this blog. I think it is really helpful. I had a couple doubts about the works cited in the MLA format and after checking this post I can say my doubts are answered!
    Hope to keep seeing good posts like this that will help me to improve my English.

    Thank you, or Obrigado (in portuguese)
    Igor Lascani


  3. At first, thank you for help us with this blog. It is really helpful. For now I clearly know some useful skills for works cited like it must be in a separate with essay and it has to be in the center of the page. Thank you for help me with this and thank you for help on Monday’s class. I will keep reading this blog. At last, thank you so much.


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